“Abortion is not a sin” — Nigerian Lady Reveals on Facebook.

“Abortion is not a sin” — Nigerian Lady Reveals on Facebook.

“Abortion is not a sin” — Nigerian Lady Reveals on Facebook.

Blogger, Oluchi Anne in a post on her Facebook divider has said Abortion isn’t a transgression. Read Below her piece;

Fetus removal is not a wrongdoing

Try not to approach me for counsel on what to do with your undesirable pregnancy since I will instruct you to go for a D&C. I am not going to be among the ladies who instruct you to keep a child you are not mentally or sincerely arranged for.

I don’t trust the entire foolishness story that once the infant is conceived, he will wind up being a gift. Neither do I put stock in the horse crap hypothesis that once you grasp the child, you will be concealed with so much love.

African individuals has made it a state of obligation to tell anybody looking for help for their undesirable pregnancies that, they ought to keep the child. Why? Since they accept fetus removal is a wrongdoing 😂

Until individuals begin permitting others settle on decisions that are better for them, we will keep on hearing stories of ladies who abadoned their infants in containers and single parents lying about having youngsters just to get hitched.

It couldn’t be any more obvious, those ladies who dump their kids ought not be called underhanded in light of the fact that somebody straightforwardly or by implication prompted them to keep a pregnancy they Didn’t need.

When they had the infant, the general population who gave them such dumb encourage left to experience their lives and reality hit them. I can accept that once they grasped the child, they didn’t feel that adoration individuals talked off and all they felt was disappointment and hate.

Each unborn tyke merits a mother who is mentally prepared for him/her. It is unreasonable to the unborn tyke to state fetus removal is a transgression. Not each lady should be mother so quit constraining it on each lady you see.



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