AY, Mercy Aigbe, Muma Gee Could be hurting their kids unknowingly – Experts

AY, Mercy Aigbe, Muma Gee Could be hurting their kids unknowingly – Experts

AY, Mercy Aigbe, Muma Gee Could be hurting their kids unknowingly – Experts

There is a mainstream Nigerian saying that one ought not wash his messy cloth in broad daylight.

Be that as it may, with the approach of online networking, it appears superstars have went ahead despite any potential risks as they rush to encourage people in general with subtle elements of their conjugal issues through their web-based social networking accounts.

Be that as it may, specialists say when two elephants battle, the grass endures – for this situation the “grass” being their kids.

Saturday Beats concentrates on a few performers who have picked the web-based social networking space as their fight grounds. They are the bases on which specialists have loaned their voices on the effect their activities have on their youngsters.

Around two days back, Nigerians were astonished when the spouse of a mainstream humorist, AY, posted a photo on her Instagram page, cautioning a pregnant woman, Freda Francis, who had once been impractically connected with vocalist, Iyanya, to allow her family to sit unbothered. This came a few hours after pictures surfaced online that the amusingness dealer went to Francis’ child shower party on Sunday simply like some different VIPs did.

Went with her post, the mother of one additionally discharged some private talks accepted to be between the humorist and the pregnant woman. From the minute her post hit the blogosphere, the high quality comic turned into the main theme on different web journals the nation over as individuals raised an eyebrow, implying that he most likely was the father of Francis’ unborn tyke.

To exacerbate the situation, the entertainer appeared to be indifferent about the entire circumstance and when he was reached by an online news entryway, he just stated, “Thus on the off chance that I impregnated Freda, is it something new? Since the vast majority of these celebs conceal? That na why you think say individuals never hear dis kain thing. So imagine a scenario in which na me give am beauty. Abeg! Na today?”

The notorious post by the outstanding comic’s significant other, Mabel, came scarcely after the clean had settled on the conjugal emergency between star on-screen character, Mercy Aigbe and her irritated spouse, Lanre Gentry, whereby the combat zone was additionally the computerized space.

Scarcely a month prior, the star performing artist and her significant other backpedaled and forward by means of their online networking pages to assault and counter assault each other over matters that outskirt from disloyalty to aggressive behavior at home. While their case is as yet pending in court, the posts of the disenchanted couple who are in charge of the life of two youngsters are as yet on the web and may stay there perpetually essentially in light of the fact that the web always remembers.

Since their conjugal issues have been conveyed to people in general space, it is appropriate for the general population to remark on the issues with their kids likewise dragged into the matter.

While allowing a meeting, Mitchelle, Aigbe’s eldest kid talked on how she confronts digital tormenting for being presented to her folks’ conjugal issues. She stated, “You know, in case you’re not solid it can diminish your confidence; that is the reason I scarcely read my remarks. Now and then remarks make me have a craving for crying. Like yesterday somebody said something awful in regards to my mum and they are currently conveying it to my page. I’m youthful, shouldn’t experience that.”

While Aigbe’s case was a ridiculous one in view of the performing artist cases of aggressive behavior at home by her better half and some bloodied pictures which surfaced on the web, another Nollywood big name who utilized online networking as a device to advance their conjugal issues as opposed to advancing their vocation was Prince Eke and his artist turned on-screen character repelled spouse, Muma Gee.

Toward the end of last year, the big name couple chosen to utilize their online networking handles to toss punches at each other with the performer reporting to the world that his significant other was unfaithful to him and was enamored with going by night clubs. He posted on his Instagram page, “This is not a shoddy exposure, I am not washing my grimy material in people in general, neither would I like to summon feel sorry for. How decent is it for a lady to forsake her three months old infant for four weeks and kept running off to Abuja with God knows who and is being found in Abuja at open joints and night clubs with various men.”

As far back as the post surfaced on the web, the union which delivered three youngsters appeared to have caved in.

Likewise media outlets and eyewitnesses would not overlook in a rush the post by Tee-billz, who is hitched to pop sensation, Tiwa Savage.

In his post which demonstrated the wrong side of the spotlight to his artist spouse, the young fellow asserted that his better half was unfaithful and she had laid down with a few hotshots in the Nigerian music scene. One of the stunning posts read, “Inside what timeframe did you fuck Jazzy and Dr Sid. Also, I couldn’t have cared less due to the adoration I have for you. I took a gander at it that we as a whole have a past notwithstanding when at this same fucking time you were fucking with 2face.”

Despite the fact that the post has since been erased from his Instagram record and regularity appears to have been reestablished to the family, it is anything but difficult to get to every one of his posts and rages from that period.

The pattern is not exceptional to the previously mentioned artistes as the rundown goes on. Nonetheless, while remarking on this pattern, a few therapists disclosed to Saturday Beats that albeit a large portion of these posts may not be up to a thousand words, their effect is likely everlasting and most circumstances takes an unsafe toll on the offspring of these VIPs.

Educator Esther Akinsola of the University of Lagos, who is a master in formative and clinical brain research, gave her two pennies on the matter.

She stated, “It relies on upon the earth that they are washing in people in general. Tragically, their folks are not aware of their activities and they don’t think about their kids before doing things like that.

“Whatever they put on the web-based social networking would affect the route individuals around these kids see them.

“Notwithstanding for guardians who don’t post their conjugal emergency on the online networking yet are isolated, they are still here and there disparaged in a few circles not to mention guardians that have educated the entire world regarding their issues.

“The issue is that most guardians don’t know that such an activity would negatively affect their youngsters. Such a demonstration can prompt dejection however it may not be clinical misery. It would be an ordinary misery particularly when they are being mocked by companions.

“They would simply feel sad and miserable however after some time, they would receive in return. It would make them feel tragic and it could likewise produce restless weakness in the youngsters.

“It would have some passionate effect on the youngsters and may influence their confidence, self-esteem and self-assurance. In any case, it likewise relies on upon to what extent such a demonstration continues for it to have that sort of effect.”

For Dr. Kehinde Ayenibiowo, a formative, intellectual, guiding and natural clinician, the offspring of these stars could be presented to disgrace.

She stated, “For the most part youngsters pride themselves with who their folks are and it can be very discouraging for somebody particularly on the off chance that you have been bragging about your folks, at that point you discover data about them online that is negative, it can be discouraging.

“It can influence them sincerely and they could get discouraged. It could be the subject of mocking by their companions and it can be discouraging for any tyke.

“They could likewise have low confidence influencing how they esteem themselves. Once in a while we pride ourselves from our experience and who our folks are.

“At the point when such guardians are disparaging themselves, it could influence the youngsters’ perspective of the world since trust has been deceived in the home. It would be troublesome for the kids to trust.

“These same youngsters may think that its hard to pack in school since they are centered around what is going on at home or what is being said in regards to them and their family on the online networking space. It influences them instructively. The feeling of disgrace could likewise come in play too on the grounds that a portion of the words these guardians use on themselves via web-based networking media are despicable words and other individuals may utilize that against the kid.”

Talking more on an approach to control this rising pattern, the Head of Psychology Department, University of Lagos, Professor Ibinabo Agiobu-Kemmer, a tyke therapist, stated, “We are living in the computerized data age where the youngsters themselves realize what is happening on the web than what is occurring with their folks.

“The web has turned into their more distant family. That is not where it begun from in light of the fact that esteems have been dissolved. We don’t should be a specialist to realize that it would disturb the kids candidly on the grounds that they venerate their folks particularly if the kids are young people.

“They adore their folks and that is the reason you would see that they gloat about them and they additionally admire their folks as good examples. Discussing the issues, we likewise need to discover an answer.

“Essentially we have to converse with ourselves and those guardians since it is likely that they don’t have a clue about the effect of their activity on those youngsters in light of the fact that the world is currently a worldwide town.

“Some of those superstars are so conceited that they don’t think past themselves yet they ought to please give their youngsters a possibility since it is influencing these kids. It is not just about giving them cash or sending them to another country. The youngsters are dependably via web-based networking media, it is their lives and some of them don’t know their cousins.”

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