Biafra: IPOB LEADER, Nnamdi Kanu Sends Warning To Buhari

Biafra: IPOB LEADER, Nnamdi Kanu Sends Warning To Buhari

Biafra: IPOB LEADER, Nnamdi Kanu Sends Warning To Buhari

Nnamdi Kanu has uncovered the completion of the freedom of the Igbo Nation is near the daunt of President Muhammadu Buhari who has repeated that the solidarity of Nigeria is not debatable.

The pioneer of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, on Wednesday said the acknowledgment of a Biafra republic was close.

This will undoubtedly look as a risk message to President Muhammadu Buhari who started the capture and lawful travails of Mr. Kanu to deflect the Biafra cause.

Talking through IPOB’s Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, Kanu depicted the level of consistence with the sit-at-home request on Tuesday as palatable.

He said he was empowered by the excursion, vowing that he would remain absolutely determined to guarantee that the general population of the range were freed from the stranglehold of their oppressors.

He expressed gratitude toward “companions of Biafra and partners of opportunity everywhere throughout the world for their diligent endeavors that made our Heroes Day Sit-At-Home Order a resonating achievement.”

The announcement mostly read, “In accordance with this amazing sit-at-home held yesterday(Tuesday), I won’t waver to compliment the general population of Abia State, Anambra State, Akwa Ibom State, Bayelsa State, Cross River State, Delta State, Ebonyi State, Enugu State, Imo State, Rivers State including the great individuals of Igbanke in Edo State, Igala faction in Kogi State and Idoma/Igede/Agatu in Benue State for sending a reasonable and unmistakable message to the entire world that this Biafra self-assurance exertion driven by IPOB is uncompromising.

” The way that our kin complied with the request to sit at home is affirmation that IPOB which I lead has the command of all Biafrans to initiate the continuous Biafra reclamation exertion.

“Exceptional much gratitude goes to my appointee, Mazi Uche Mefor, our Directorate of State driven by Mazi Chika Edoziem and the indefinably unimaginable IPOB family everywhere throughout the world.”

He likewise recognized “those in the diaspora who emptied themselves into the lanes in far off and outside terrains in more than 98 nations of the world to respect and recollect our fallen saints and courageous women who died amid the genocidal war against our kin in 1967 and 1970.”

“With close aggregate consistence with this sit-at-home request I issued when I was still in Kuje Prison Abuja, it has demonstrated to me past each possible uncertainty that Biafra rebuilding is a need to one and all and I guarantee never to let Biafra down even upon the torment of death since you never let me down.”

Then, the Imo State Commissioner of Police, Chris Ezike, said that his charge did not capture any individual from the Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra or IPOB amid Tuesday’s dissent.

Tending to newsmen on how his summon could secure the state amid the festival, Ezike said that there was high nearness of security work force over the state, particularly puts he portrayed as key and dark spots.

Likewise, the Akwa Ibom State Police Command has said the state is not under any risk or impact from the exercises of IPOB. It said the show of compel it directed on Monday with other security offices was not proposed to remove any apparent IPOB part, but rather to exhibit the solidarity and cooperative energy among the sister security offices in the state.

The Commissioner of Police in the state, Mr. Wear Anwuna, said this in Uyo on Wednesday. He included that the police were set up to contain any uprising.

He stated, “We trust that interior security is better accomplished through between organization joint effort thus the show of constrain is intended to impart trust in the general population that we are prepared and have the ability to ensure them. It is additionally done in all nearby government divisional workplaces and zone summons.”


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