Chinese Boss Cripples Worker With Kung Fu Kicks In Ogun Sate

Chinese Boss Cripples Worker With Kung Fu Kicks In Ogun Sate

Chinese Boss Cripples Worker With Kung Fu Kicks In Ogun Sate

A laborer with Bedmate Furniture Company, Magboro, Ogun State, William Ekanem, is in agony after his spinal bone was professedly harmed by his Chinese supervisor, recognized as Master Wan.

Punch Metro learnt that Master Wan, who is gifted in kung fu, had requested to see a sack of rice which Ekanem purchased from a foodstuffs dealer, distinguished as Iya Melo, on the premises of the organization.

The 27-year-old had purportedly tested the Chinese for jabbing his nose into his private issue.

After mightily checking the substance, Ekanem said he was leaving when Master Wan professedly gave him a kick in the back, which sent him sprawling on the ground.

The suspect was said to have stamped his foot on the casualty before he was safeguarded by some different specialists on the premises.

Punch reporter accumulated that since the episode, Ekanem had not possessed the capacity to walk well or stand straight.

The casualty said despite the fact that the case was accounted for at the Ibafo Police Station, the Divisional Crime Officer professedly took a N50,000 fix from the Chinese organization.

He was said to have upheld the organization against the Uyo, Akwa Ibom State indigene, who was blamed for overstating the strike.

Ekanem, amid a talk with Punch reporter, noticed that the episode happened at some point in April.

He stated, “I joined the organization on January 7, 2007 and rose to end up plainly a foreman, regulating dark specialists in a branch of the organization. Notwithstanding working for long, my pay is just N34,000. I don’t have a personality card and I am not an individual from staff simply like whatever is left of the more than 300 laborers at the organization.

“At some point in April 2017, I moved toward the foodstuffs merchant on the premises to give me rice and groundnut oil using a loan pending when we would be paid our pay rates toward the finish of the month.

“I was taking the foodstuffs to the workplace when Master Wan requested to recognize what was inside the sack. Since he didn’t comprehend English, I basically stated, ‘rice, hack cleave’.

“He dunked his fingers into the sack and checked it. I challenged the activity. He hit me in the trunk as I gathered my pack from him. I was leaving when he all of a sudden gave me a kung fu kick from the back. I fell. He accused at me of his foot and stuck me to the ground. I lay on the floor and began moaning with agony as a few people came to drag him far from me.”

He said he was from that point taken to a private healing center in the Arepo zone, where he was given an infusion.

Punch Metro learnt that the organization gave Ekanem N10,000 for his restorative costs, while the organization’s Nigerian supervisor, recognized just as Lekan, guaranteed the doctor’s facility that Bedmate would pay for every one of the costs.

He was said to have been made a request to go home by the specialist, who said an authority would be reached to treat him.

Upon Ekanem’s arrival to the healing facility the next Monday, it was learnt that the aftereffect of a test he did demonstrated his spinal string had “moved”.

The specialist allegedly gave him a rundown of medications and requesting that he require some investment off to rest.

The casualty said the agony,, be that as it may, disturbed as he could at no time in the future rest.

Around that time, Ekanem’s pregnant spouse supposedly conceived an offspring.

“I went to the organization to gather my N34,000 pay. When I arrived, they gave me N24,000 and said they had evacuated the N10,000 they gave me for my bolstering and treatment at the healing facility.. I separated in tears at the organization. I couldn’t trust they could treat me so shabbily. I exited in outrage. I was contemplating the circumstance out and about when I drooped,” he included.

He said together with a companion and a few rights activists, the case was accounted for at the Ibafo Police Station.

Punch Metro was informed that the Ibafo DCO point by point two policemen to join Ekanem in capturing the Chinese man at the organization on that Friday.

Ace Wan, nonetheless, purportedly fled and sought refuge on locating the policemen at the organization.

The policemen were said to have been continued sitting tight for more than two hours on the organization premises as Lekan, the Nigerian chief, denounced Ekanem for welcoming the police.

“When it was getting dull, Lekan guaranteed to convey Master Wan to the station by 10am the next Monday. He tailed us back to the station and guaranteed the DCO that he would expressly bring the man. He gave the DCO N50,000 in our nearness,” the casualty said.

Punch journalist was informed that by 8am on Monday, Lekan, the Chinese leader of the organization and others touched base at the station without the suspect.

Ekanem said he was called by his sibling, who requesting that he rush to the station.

The DCO purportedly upheld the organization and chastened Ekanem’s sibling for not settling the issue agreeably.

“I began crying. I revealed to him that on the off chance that I were his child, would he say a wonder such as this to me? Not long after, the Chinese head asked me and my sibling to reason them. As we were venturing out, I located him

giving the DCO another envelope.

“Our attorney arrived not long after and began a contention with them. The legal advisor debilitated to report the DCO to the Area Command and exchange the case from the division,” the 27-year-old included.

It was learnt that the police later alluded the casualty to another private office, Divine Touch Hospital, Ibafo.

Lekan, the Nigerian chief, was asserted to have compelled Ekanem to drop the case, saying he couldn’t battle the Chinese organization because of his poor foundation.

He was supposedly deserted at the healing facility for two weeks, as the police and the organization declined to tend to him.

The matter was in this way exchanged to the Sagamu Area Command.

Ekanem was said to have been alluded for further checks and treatment at the General Hospital, Owode.

The organization’s legal counselor, Ayo Durojaiye, later said the organization had chosen to give the casualty N134,000.

“The legal advisor said it was on account of I was eager that I looked malnourished. He said the organization had taught that I ought to burn through N100,000 on my encouraging, and take N34,000 as my pay. He said I could come back to work a while later. My legal counselor couldn’t help contradicting him and communicated sicken over my treatment,” he included.

Ekanem’s legal advisor, Felix Emeruwa, requested an expression of remorse from the organization and installment of N50m remuneration.

Emeruwa, in a letter routed to the Area Commander, Shagamu Command, blamed the organization for endeavoring to smother equity for a situation of ambush occasioning hurt, barbaric treatment and segregation.

The legal advisor likewise blamed the Arepo healing center for bargaining restorative morals with a specific end goal to satisfy the Chinese organization.

“Presently, our customer is truly gaunt, enduring a few torments at the back and passing on step by step accordingly of the assault on him by the Chinese man. We trust that the spinal rope of our customer is presently truly influenced. We consider the activity of Master Wan as savage, mischievous and an endeavor to subject the life of our customer to the holy type of perversion,” the letter perused to a limited extent.

A restorative test directed by Divine Touch Hospital, as indicated by Emeruwa, uncovered that Ekanem endured “loss of lumbo, sacral ebb and flow, and related strong fit bringing about his failure to walk, curve and flex.”

Whenever reached, Dr Dotun Odofin of Divine Touch Hospital, said for the two weeks that he treated Ekanem, Bedmate did not pay him anything, including that rather, he spent his own cash on the patient.

He stated, “Physical examination demonstrated that there is lost arch. The impact of that will be that there is an issue with his portability. He can’t stand straight or walk uninhibitedly. I acquired a physiotherapist for the treatment. What he really required was to finished his treatment which will traverse for a month.

“He needn’t bother with any surgery or some other treatment. The physiotherapist charged N100,000 for one month and two weeks treatment.

“While he was here, I made a store of N10,000 for him. No one has given me anything. I was even the one sustaining him. I gave him N500 consistently.”

The specialist at the Owode general doctor’s facility, who did not have any desire to be recognized, said the casualty was not overstating the impact of the ambush.

The Nigerian chief of Bedmate, Lekan, demanded that the casualty was imagining, including that he couldn’t discuss the episode.

“I can’t state anything on it since I was not there when it occurred between them. The main thing I know is that the person is imagining,” he said.

The organization’s attorney, Durojaiye, guaranteed to return to Punch reporter after a meeting with Ekanem’s legal advisor, Emeruwa.

He didn’t get back as of press time and did not answer calls and an instant message sent by our reporter.

A performer and individual from the Peace Messengers, Rachael Sparkle, depicted the occurrence as tragic.

She said endeavors by her gathering to settle the case had been disappointed by the organization, who treated them with hate.

Her better half, Ras Sparkle Black Moses, stated, “It is unfathomable that these Chinese men can go to our nation and regard us as they like. Could you envision that up till now, the police have not captured this man? They don’t give it a second thought.”

The Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, said the Divisional Police Officer of the Ibafo Police Station was on extraordinary obligations in Maiduguri.

“I am attempting to connect with one of the officers at the station. I will get back when I get an input from Ibafo,” he included.



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