“I don’t believe in Juju, My wife Just wants Nigerians to have Mercy On me” – Evans Says

“I don’t believe in Juju, My wife Just wants Nigerians to have Mercy On me” – Evans Says

“I don’t believe in Juju, My wife Just wants Nigerians to have Mercy On me” –  Evans Says

Suspected Billionaire Kidnapper, Chukwudumeje George Onwuamadike otherwise known as Evans, who guaranteed he gave his dad N3million money, a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) and a Hilux Van before he quit going to the place where he grew up, Umudim, Nnewi in Anambra State, has uncovered that he just puts stock in God and not Juju.

As indicated by Vanguard, He said his better half just needs Nigerians to have sensitivity for him as She didn’t realize that he was into grabbing.

He said he just revealed to her that he is into medicate, which she exhorted him to stop since it is risky.

He stated:

“My significant other was just lying that she didn’t spend some portion of my cash. She just needs Nigerians to have sensitivity for me. She didn’t know I was into capturing. I just disclosed to her that I am into sedate, which she prompted me to stop since it is risky.”

“I have faith in God, that was the reason I commanded my significant other to dependably wake my youngsters up for petitions. My most loved book of scriptures entry is Psalm 23. My better half does not know why I cherished the Psalm to such an extent. I cherished it as a result of the wrongdoings I have conferred. I generally approached my kids to request absolution for me and furthermore ask that I ought not bite the dust youthful.

“I trust in God, since he’s the special case that can spare me from the issue I wind up in. I trust it was ravenousness that pushed me into hijacking. I don’t have confidence in Juju.”

When he was asked how he was faring in cell, He said he was being dealt with well by different suspects, including that policemen were likewise neighborly with him.

He stated:

“They take great care of me. I can’t reprimand them in the event that they didn’t deal with me since I am the reason for my issue. I am getting what I really asked for.

“I don’t have any auto called Fathom. The main vehicles I have are Toyota Hilux, Nissan pickup – N7million, Luxus GS460 – N22million, Range Rover, 2016 model – N55million and Luxus GL47 – N9million.

“I didn’t appreciate all the cash I produced using hijacking since I was dependably on the run. I am lamenting my activities in life. I turned out poorly clubs, lodgings since I was worried about the possibility that that policemen would come after me. In the event that I am given another opportunity, I would be the most appreciative individual on earth and I guarantee to be a backer of hostile to seizing in the nation.”


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