Ebonyi journalist Charles Otu Beaten Up by Gov. Umahi’s thugs

Ebonyi journalist Charles Otu Beaten Up by Gov. Umahi’s thugs

Ebonyi journalist Charles Otu Beaten Up by Gov. Umahi’s thugs

The publisher of Conscience, a nearby daily paper, Charles Otu who is an Ebonyi based columnist, was purportedly left oblivious yesterday the second of June 2017, subsequent to being hijacked and beaten to obviousness by shooters charged to work for the Governor of Ebonyi State, Engr. David Umahi.

It was assembled that Charles Otu was allegedly attacked for utilizing his nearby daily paper, Conscience to ‘uncover the disappointments of Ebonyi state government in numerous segments’. He likewise utilizes his Facebook presents on ‘refresh exercises of the administration and to basically investigate and x-beam its projects and ventures’.

This is what a source said in regards to the occurrence;

“On Friday the second of June, Otu was mauled and packaged into a marked transport while he remained with daily paper sellers at the well known Vanco intersection, Abakaliki. The transport was marked with the name ‘Akubaroha Youth Assembly’, a young association started by the representative professedly filling in as his solid arm. Hooligans completing weapons bounced of the said vehicle and seized Otu, yet not before whipping him within the sight of individuals regardless of his battle to get away.

“Charles Otu was then taken to the Ebonyi State Government House, Abakaliki where he was constrained out of the vehicle and made to lie on the ground. The hooligans brought out cleavers, bars and adheres and continued to pound him – more than twenty of them shaking and pushing to get their turn at him. The hooligans blamed Otu for making a post on Facebook two days prior x-raying the exercises of the state government and coordinating the disappointment of the administration to the inaugural discourse made by Governor, Engr. David Umahi the day he was confirmed.

“The said post had gone extremely popular and had given the state senator some genuine cerebral pain as never in the past had anybody at any point given such an examination against the administration.”

As per OlisaTv, give the hooligans were some Senior Special Advisers to the Governor. While the writer was arguing for his life, they educated him that the direction was to execute him.

The source proceeded:

“Somebody had connected with an exceedingly put national authority who called the police experts. It was learnt that a flag was sent to the Commissioner of Police in Ebonyi state.

“At the time, calls were at that point originating from all parts of the nation including from the security. It was accumulated that at the purpose of his snatching, his telephone had tumbled off and somebody who was with him took the telephone and made the underlying calls. At the time he was being abused and attacked at the Ebonyi State Government House, the news was wherever via web-based networking media.

“Realizing that they’d been found, the hooligans got calls from those that sent them not to execute Mr. Charles Otu however to motivate him to compose an endeavor that he would move far from Ebonyi State and that he could never report nor compose anything against the state government. One of the hooligans proposed that since the kidnapping had released that it was best to take him to the police and he would sign the endeavor while at the police headquarters.

“They packaged him into their vehicle and one of the hooligans supposedly requested the columnist not to raise his head and also any of their names. At the Kpirikpiri Police Station, the claimed pioneer of the hooligans educated the police that he saw a few people pounding the young fellow and saved him. At that point the police requested that Mr Otu compose his announcement, yet he was excessively powerless, making it impossible to do as such.”

It was accumulated that companions who were at the police headquarters grabbed him from the police, and place him in an auto to be taken to the clinic yet the hooligans hindered the vehicle, while the police watched without doing anything. It required an incredible exertion before the vehicle conveying the oblivious writer could escape and he was raced to the crisis unit of the Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki.

Endeavors to come to the Ebonyi state police order have demonstrated unsuccessful.

Here’s one of Charles’ dubious Facebook post;


I was at the Abakaliki Township stadium yesterday to listen direct, to the bearing of the govt of Engr. David Nweze Umahi, two years after he made his inaugural promise to the general population of Ebonyi State.

In page 16, Paragraph 2 of the said inaugural address, Your Excellency guaranteed that “We might go to work each and every day for the following 4 years with one single and uncompromising assurance: To serve you, to keep our promises to you, to satisfy the substance of our proclamation, to construct extensions of coorperation and to keep the peace inside our troubles… .

Dominant part of these guarantees have not been kept!

For example, in page 19, para 3, you said you were resolved to shape a legislature overflowing with inventive thoughts and creative vitality. A legislature that is LEAN, versatile and successful. A govt that will tune in and assimilate the intelligence and direction that will originate from all residents, youthful and old. We should endeavor with our mightiest push to offer intending to the idea of a legislature of the general population, by the general population and for the general population. We might do as such definitely in light of the fact that we perceive that we are nothing without the general population…

All Ebonyians who have watched with absolute confounding, the normal enrollment of hooligans, touts and rapscallions into your govt numbering more than 500 right now but then tallying, realizes that you have since veered off from your guarantee to run a “lean” organization. You seem more enthusiastic about fortifying a ‘thuggery framework’ to such an extent that they now have a greater number of qualities than a gathered Perm. Sec. than conveying quality administration all in light of the fact that from the very first moment, you are more intrigued by doing a moment term than rendering benevolent administration.

Particularly in page 20, para 4, you said; “This govt might REST decisively on the on the SHOULDERS OF THE PEOPLE. THE CITIZENS’ PRIORITIES SHALL BE OUR GUIDING COMPASS…

The reality interestingly is that from the onset, you turned into the main vocalist and artist for your govt, hence, forgetting the perspectives of the masses which you had guaranteed not to disregard. Else, who more likely than not educated Your Excellency that a drinking fountain at vital intersections in Abakaliki are most desirable over water running in individuals’ homes? Is it true that it was additionally the general population’s view that you fabricate flyovers everywhere on a little Abakaliki capital city when they are no sensible financial improvements in the State right now?

You likewise guaranteed that you will never grant contracts to your relatives and colleagues like was the practice previously. Be that as it may, today, just your relatives and maybe, a couple of cohorts are recipients of real contracts in the State. The last time Ebonyians checked, your immediate sibling is taking care of the redesign of the stadium (the very stage whereupon you made that guarantee in 2015). Or, then again would it say it was not as of late that we saw your sibling, Austin Umahi, who had purportedly “forced” on the PDP as South-East Vice Chairman taking a gathered Deputy Gov’s seat amid your visit to Abia Governor? Ebonyians can wager that it has so far been a govt of the Umahi, by the Umahis and for the Umahis…

Most amazingly is Your Excellency’s vow in page 41, para 2 of a similar address wherein you asserted: “Therefore, we might change our state’s assets allotment panel to incorporate initiative of state sorted out work, a few partners and government functionaries and the sharing equation should be made open month to month… ” We all bear witness to the way that for all intents and purposes everything about our accounts have been covered in mystery. The govt is completely unaccountable!

You had guaranteed Civil Servants in Ebonyi an upgrades welfare bundle. “There ought not be a wide inconsistency between the welfare of our government officials and that of our government employees. I am mindful of the gigantic bolster we appreciated from our government employees amid our races and their awesome desires from us. Give me a chance to guarantee them that we should not baffle them. One of the key things our organization should do is to dependably take a seat and talk about with every concerned partner…

Tsk-tsk, the welfare of the normal Ebonyi laborer has been set beneath that of a TA and STA the greater part of who have no significant capabilities… Their pay rates have moved toward becoming peanuts that can’t take them home!

While lights sparkle in the State capital and a few sycophants (especially non-occupants and guests) value them, the normal man who is additionally devastated by your administration’s rule of style and cosmeticism can’t sit tight for your container to cruise them by. Ebonyi is not a house of ill-repute or a Disco lobby. It is the SALT OF THE NATION and you recognize what your Bible said in regards to SALT!

I definitely tuned in to your discourse at stadium yesterday to know whether there was any new strategy bearing by your organization however was baffled when you recorded the foundation of pencil industry among others as a major aspect of your arrangements in the months ahead. And furthermore a guarantee to manufacture the best shopping center in Africa. Furthermore, once more, i ask when will we have businesses that could utilize poor Ebonyians? Why cant the assets be diverted towards finishing that International Market and making it practical? Keep in mind that you were a piece of the Elechi organization many still hold you vicariously subject for undertakings done amid that time…

In any case, i should laud what i feel is your most grounded effect in administration which is the great condition of some restored streets in the state capital and a couple others.

You will very concur with the regular man on the off chance that you are earnest to yourself that a 1 million TAs and STAs (or is even STDs) won’t spare you from the anticipated fate of 2019 on the grounds that administration, as seen by Jeremy Bentham is about the welfare of the general population and accomplishing the best satisfaction of the best number of individuals.

If it’s not too much trouble helped to remember the shrewd expressions of Seneca that “Low administer never continues never-endingly and start to mastermind on your handover note come 2019!



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