“I Got Into crime after my father disowned me” — Kidnap Kingpin Evans

“I Got Into crime after my father disowned me” — Kidnap Kingpin Evans

“I Got Into crime after my father disowned me” — Kidnap Kingpin Evans

KIDNAP boss, Chukwudubem Onwuamadike, a.k.a Evans, who was captured last Saturday by police for planning a few prominent kidnappings, outfitted theft and murder inside Lagos, Edo, Abia, Enugu and Anambra States, has uncovered that his dad’s choice to repudiate him was the reason he took to wrongdoing.

Evans, who got a huge number of dollars as payoff from his casualties amid his reign as a sharp criminal in the nation, told Vanguard solely that he was compelled to drop out of school while in Junior Secondary School Class 2, when his dad, Steven Onwuamadike, drove his mom, Chinwe, away and got hitched to another lady.

Evans clarified that his dad, who is a businessperson, requesting that he join another agent, an extra parts merchant, likewise in Nnewi, who he served for a long time without settlement on the grounds that the man later blamed him for taking.

This improvement, as per him, humiliated his dad so much that he drove him out of his home.

Evans who is a local of Akamili, Umudim Quarters, Nnewi, Anambra State, expressed that his dad’s activity influenced him profoundly and he was compelled to move into his mom’s home. He said his mom acknowledged him and she likewise raised cash for him which he utilized as a part of going to Lagos.

While in Lagos, Evans revealed that he began pitching diesel to extravagance transports and truck drivers at Alafia Bus-stop along Lagos-Badagry Expressway. He clarified that, while he was offering diesel, he dozed in a transport carport and that was the place he joined a burglary pack.

To begin with theft pack, Vanguard accumulated, that Evans’ first burglary group represented considerable authority in assaulting extravagance transports handling the East – West Road, during the evening.

Police sources clarified that Evans was included in a few parkway burglaries from which he sufficiently raised cash with which he ventured out to South Africa.

A previous against burglary police agent connected to Orile Police Station, who argued namelessness, uncovered that Evans and his posse had some expertise in ransacking brokers in extravagance transports going during the evening out and about.

The ex-policeman included that Evans who had a few sources around engine stops in Alafia, Maza-Maza and Jibowu zones of Lagos State, used to acquire direct data on the developments of dealers coming to Lagos State with colossal measures of cash from witnesses working at significant extravagance transports stops the nation over.

The source unveiled that Evans and his pack would assault these transports on the expressway and seize the travelers of their money and different assets, clarifying that some of his posse individuals were captured and when the police were surrounding him, he fled the nation to restore a couple of years after the fact and moved toward the East.

It was assembled that while in the East, he shaped another hazardous posse that began looting and grabbing affluent agents particularly in the business city of Onitsha in Anambra State and Aba in Abia State.

At the point when his reputation taken off in criminal circles, other theft posses began looking for him. That was the manner by which he turned into the agent of arms and armorer for the brave and dangerous equipped burglary boss in the east from Nkanu in Enugu State, prevalently called Ngwu Ekekere Omu, who looted banks everywhere throughout the nation until he was murdered in Anambra by a military watch group that obstructed a street on a tip-off from individuals from the Special against Robbery Squad, SARS, in Awka.

Subsequently, he completed a wicked burglary operation at the college town of Nsukka, Enugu State, where he executed among others, a Divisional Police Officer and later shot the SARS Commander in Enugu in the knee while they were seeking after him along Adani/Otuocha street.

Amid that operation, he additionally torched Nsukka Police Station in the wake of attacking one of the banks and as he was getting away from the scene with his group, they tossed packs of fresh Naira notes in various divisions to the cheering group and business motorcyclists, including school kids who were en route home.

Ngwu Ekere Omu passed on in 2009 and the greater part of his group individuals were chased down and disposed of by individuals from the Special hostile to Robbery Squad in Enugu and Anambra states.

Police sources said Evans took an interest effectively in that dangerous operation and later, after some of their posse individuals including their pioneer were slaughtered, he again got away abroad.

On his arrival, as indicated by sources, he veered into full time seizing with Lagos as his base. He used to act like an extra parts merchant from South Africa with continues of his wrongdoing.

Reports additionally affirmed that he partook in a few operations with another infamous executioner, Vampire, who was later murdered by the Police subsequent to plotting his escape from Owerri court in Imo State, while on trial.

Examinations uncovered that Evans later connected up with another infamous ruffian called Henry Hunchman in Anambra State and they composed a few kidnappings. They were later pursued out of Anambra State and they fled to Edo State.

Vanguard reports Evans let them know amid a visit that he collaborated with one of his companions, Ehis, in Edo state and they began abducting. He uncovered that Ehis acquainted him with some of his companions known as Benin Papa, Odionose, Okey and Igbo Papa and they facilitated a few kidnappings.

He additionally clarified that he was compelled to welcome his companion, Hunchman, who he said had overwhelming arms and ammo to go along with them in Edo State. As indicated by him,

”At the point when Hunchman came in, we completed two major kidnappings that yielded N150 million, yet Hunchman who possessed the arms and ammo, fled with the cash.”

Ventures amid MD Abubakar’s period as IGP Vanguard examination likewise uncovered further that Evans’ exercises turned out to be troubling to the point that the then Inspector – General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, conveyed one of his key agents, Patrick Ejedawe, who was the Commander of Mopol 2 Squadron Command, Lagos, to Edo State, to track him and his individuals down.

It was found out that Ejedawe, now an Assistant Commissioner of Police, cleaned up all individuals from the posse aside from Evans, Hunch-man and Sudo, who fled to Ghana. Sources unveiled that double-crossings in the group helped the police in wiping up the pack individuals, prompting the passing of individuals like Benin Papa, Odionosa, Okey, Igbo Papa and numerous other people who were murdered by the Police in firearm fights.

Vanguard’s source additionally unveiled that Evans, Hunch-man and Sudo in the end returned to Nigeria and were situated in Lagos, when Ejedawe was redeployed from Edo State by another Inspector-General of Police.

By then, Evans and his group threatened inhabitants of Festac Town, Amuwo Odofin, Ojo and Ajao Estate zones of Lagos State before he was captured.

Source – Vanguard.



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