Jay Z – 4:44 (Album Release Date)

Jay Z – 4:44 (Album Release Date)

Jay Z – 4:44 (Album Release Date)

Jay Z – 4:44 (Album Release Date) Zip Download

It would seem that fans will discover precisely what this Jay Z/Tidal/4:44 business is about soon enough. Another form of the strange promotion that had the web going crazy is flying up, and it contains a discharge date: 6.30.17.

As beforehand announced, the advertisements initially began flying up two or three weeks back all over New York City. After some sleuthing, individuals discovered that the publications were associated with Hov and paid for by Tidal, driving fans to think new Jigga material would be dropping soon. There were different insights also. “Saw a throwing for a Jay Z video here in LA. So you recognize what that mean,” a lady noted on Twitter.

A brief span later, Tidal prodded what has all the earmarks of being a forthcoming film including Oscar-winning on-screen character Mahershala Ali. Toward the finish of the clasp, the credits list 4:44 as a venture including Ali, Danny Glover and on-screen character Lupita Nyong’o. So the new music hypothesis appeared to be out of the condition.

Yet, on Friday (June 16), the new advertisements, containing the expected discharge date, began flying up in West Hollywood, Calif, as per Hip-Hop DX. Including much more interest, the new ones have “Jay Z” stamped all over them too, bringing the head honcho once again into the overlap. The main different pieces of information are the words, “Solely on sprint.tidal.com.”

So would we say we are getting another Hov extend, or nah? Jay has plainly been dealing with new music. Perhaps the prodded film will be joined by a soundtrack from the Tidal big boss. We’ll all discover on June 30.


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