Nigerian Businesswoman, Two Others Arrested For Cloning US Visa Payment Slips

Nigerian Businesswoman, Two Others Arrested For Cloning US Visa Payment Slips

Nigerian Businesswoman, Two Others Arrested For Cloning US Visa Payment Slips

The Special Fraud Unit (SFU), Ikoyi, Lagos has captured a businessperson, Modupeola Afolabi, for purportedly acquiring fake visas for the United Kingdom (UK) and China.

Afolabi, 34, likewise acquired fake London Heathrow Airport passage/leave stamps.

She was paraded by SFU representative, Lawal Audu, an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), with Sesan Awolola, 31, and Adebayo Ajase, 28.

The men were depicted as experts in cloning visa installment slips and receipts.

Afolabi, who asserted to be a college graduate, advised columnists that she depended on securing the fake visas after she was prevented United States from claiming America (USA) visa twice.

She said when she reached a visa specialist, he revealed to her that the US Embassy in Nigeria dismisses her visa application since she had a virgin travel permit.

Afolabi stated: “The operator, Olawale, let me know there was something he would do as such that when my archives are sent once more, the US authorities will allow my visa ask. He revealed to me that the US Embassy doesn’t confirm the validness of visas from different nations thus I consented to do it.

“I paid him N70,000 for the fake visas and stamps. I severely expected to go to America to purchase garments available to be purchased. I ordinarily shop on the web and I felt on the off chance that I began making a trip to America to get, it would be less expensive for me.

“I have an enlisted business and I think I have enough cash in my record yet they dismisses me twice. They discovered when they were making inquiries amid a meeting that I have not been to the UK and that was the way I was captured.”

As indicated by Audu, the SFU got a request of from the US Embassy a year ago bemoaning the measure of cash it was losing to fraudsters, who utilize Corel Draw application and Microsoft Word to clone old receipts and present same for use by other visa candidates.

Taking after the request, Audu said the SFU started an examination which prompted the capture and arraignment of three suspects, including one Ismaila Adefile under the steady gaze of a Lagos Magistrates’ Court, Igbosere.

Be that as it may, different individuals from the syndicate, Audu stated, kept on manufacturing receipts which they used to book visa arrangements for their customers.

As per him, Awolola and Ajasa were captured on Wednesday and Thursday after a visa candidate who utilized one of their fake receipts was distinguished at the consulate.



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