See Why Leonard DiCaprio Turned Over Several Artworks Worth Millions For Police Investigation

See Why Leonard DiCaprio Turned Over Several Artworks Worth Millions For Police Investigation

See Why Leonard DiCaprio Turned Over Several Artworks Worth Millions For Police Investigation

Prestigious on-screen character Leonardo DiCaprio has willfully surrendered a few show-stoppers worth a huge number of dollars and an Oscar statuette that once had a place with Marlon Brando to the U.S. Government, as a major aspect of its progressing examination concerning an illegal tax avoidance operation associated with Malaysian head administrator Najib Razak.

The masterpieces were allegedly endowments from Malaysian agents associated with Riza Aziz, prime supporter of Red Granite Pictures, the outfit that delivered the DiCaprio-featuring “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

The Justice Department has been doing an exploring to decide if Aziz helped his dad in-law, Prime Minister Razak, in stealing more than $4 billion, some of which was utilized to back Red Granite, and a few of the organization’s movies.

The surrendered things include: a Picasso painting, “Nature Morte au Crane de Taureau,” esteemed at more than $3 million; a Basquiat montage, “Redman One,” esteemed in any event $9 million; a Diane Arbus photo esteemed at $750,000; and the Oscar Brando won for his execution in “On the Waterfront.” The artworks and photo were incorporated into a 250-page relinquishment dissension recorded a week ago by the Justice Department. In any case, delegates for DiCaprio say that the works of art were surrendered to the legislature before the protestation was recorded. The Marlon Brando Oscar, a set blessing from Red Granite, was not said in the Justice Department grievance, but rather was turned over intentionally alongside alternate things.

The 42-year-old on-screen character’s reps likewise said that the centerpieces were expected for an up and coming philanthropy sell off and never for DiCaprio’s own accumulation.

Agents for DiCaprio said in an announcement:

“Last July, after knowing about the administration’s polite activity against specific gatherings required really taking shape of The Wolf of Wall Street, Mr. DiCaprio’s agents – working under his guideline – started contact with the Department of Justice. This exertion was to decide whether there were any endowments or magnanimous gifts starting from the gatherings named in the common protestation, and to offer the arrival of any such blessings or gifts with the guide and direction of the administration.”

The announcement proceeded: “Preceding the administration’s documenting of the common arguing today, Mr. DiCaprio started return of these things, which were gotten and acknowledged by him with the end goal of being incorporated into a yearly philanthropy sale to profit his eponymous establishment.


He has likewise restored an Oscar initially won by Marlon Brando, which was given to Mr. DiCaprio as a set blessing by Red Granite to express gratitude toward him for his work on The Wolf of Wall Street. Mr. DiCaprio is appreciative for the support of the legislature in this exertion, and keeps on trusting that equity is done in this matter.”



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