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Newborn baby Found,dumped in a bush in Apapa, Lagos

As shared by Facebook client, Emmanuel Buhari, a few hours back, a unidentified woman dumped her infant in a hedge in Lagos.

Facebook User Narrates How He Mistakenly Stepped On An Abandoned Newborn Baby

A Facebook client, Maenda Johnson took to his page to share his experience on the day he erroneously ventured on a deserted infant. He portrayed that day as the most noticeably awful day of his life. As per him, He was hurrying to get the opportunity to stop when all of a sudden, he felt […]

Newborn Baby Abandoned In Uncompleted Building In Benin City; Rescued Alive

An infant young lady was discovered relinquished in an uncompleted working by Winners street in Benin city in Edo state yesterday. Facebook client, Arnold Efeoghene, who found the infant, shared some photographs of the youngster on the web and composed: “A few people are truly insidious. I discovered dis infant in an uncompleted building dis […]